More of an introduction

OK, so now it is WordPress for my website. As I stated on the Hello page, I’m using this platform to dust off my html skills and bring my CSS knowledge up to speed… to remain relevant.

I started this WordPress site a couple of years ago when a colleague at work began using it to create his digital portfolio. At the time I was investigating Adobe Muse, which I used to built my last site. It did a good job, but it was still a pain to update. Plus, I am now on a major rage against Adobe and their software subscription model. Looking for options to the Adobe monopoly.

I also began using Behance as a digital portfolio about a year ago. I like it and it is easy to update when I have new work to upload. There is a “website” option through Behance and it very easy to populate with new work, but they charge cash money for their website portfolio option. Anyway, this site sat in a state of neglect and abuse until now.

The university where I work has just updated their overall website using WordPress templates. So, I  have a lot of work to do now as the art department chair to update and  in dressing up the base template for my department. This site is what I’m using to become better acquainted with WordPress. I also have a couple of students that swear by WordPress as a platform to design websites. They like the code alteration capabilities it offers.

The saga continues…

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Professor of Art: Graphic Design Instructor at Truman State University