The demo birds

TitmouseI am going to use the blog feature on this site as a means to include detail about my illustrations. I have already blogged two short posts about couple of recent pieces.

This post is about the little watercolor birds you’ll see on this site. They are the result of in-class watercolor demonstrations in my Illustration class. Most of the students who are in this class have never worked with or hate water-based media – watercolor or gouache. Mainly due to their lack of understanding in how to control watercolor. I try to get students to reconsider their opinions on water-based media and help them to develop quick, reliable illustration techniques as necessary designer survival skills.

I always appreciated watching someone execute a technique when I was learning gouache and watercolor (post undergraduate degree). Knowing I liked seeing techniques being demonstrated, I worked to bring my in-class demo abilities up to speed. I wanted to be capable of producing a completed artwork in one class period. These demos show students that a cool watercolor doesn’t take a long time to complete. They also help to reinforce my statement that time is irrelevant. Students don’t buy into that idea yet, they are still working from the notion that good work takes a lot of time.

Why birds?…they are quick and easy and you can be very bold in your color palette.

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