Put a dog in it

Honeybun and Momma MidgeI’ve used dogs as subject matter in many of my illustrations. It wasn’t a deliberate decision, I just noticed that they were showing up frequently. Growing up in rural Kansas, on a farm, dogs were just natural companions. They kept things under control with all the wildlife that came out at night.

We raised sheep and the dogs were there to chase off the coyotes. We had Collies, Huskies, a couple of mutts, a Great Dane and a Dachshund. Some of the best family stories I uncovered while working on Homegrown involved the family farm dogs.

My brothers who still live on the family farm, now have Great Pyreneese to serve as sheep guard dogs, along with a little donkey. Amazingly, donkeys are good watch dogs too and keep the predators away.

I live in town now. Haven’t lived on the farm in over twenty years. But, I still have dogs. Toy poodles. They have no expectations except to look cute and sit on laps. Go figure.

List of artwork with dogs:

  • Winter’s Grip
  • Honeybun and Momma Midge
  • Cleaning the Brooder House
  • After the Harvest
  • Jack and Isabel
  • May
  • Mutt and Boots
  • Missouri Spring (coyote)
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