Something about barns

Winter's Grip

There’s something about barns that appeals to me. Images of barns have made appearances in several of my illustrations over recent years (Winter’s Grip, Missouri Spring and Honeybun and Momma Midge). These old structures dot the landscape throughout the mid-west. Most are slowly falling into ruin, the result of modern farming practices using tractors.

Winter’s Grip features a barn that can be found along highway 36 in Kansas, just around Wathena and Troy. It is a great looking barn in it’s disrepair with a stone foundation on a sloping hill. It is the type of structure that I daydream about being my artist studio someday.

I added into the composition this great old image (I’m thinking at least 90 years old) of a dog that I found in my grandmother’s pile of old photos. Every farm has it’s reliable guard dog to keep all things in order. I thought the two images together definitely tell that story.

You can’t take the farm out of the farm boy.

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Professor of Art: Graphic Design Instructor at Truman State University