There seems to be a reoccurring cycle

Towards the end of the fall semester (while I was teaching for the first time a course in 3D Modeling, Motion and Animation), I dove back into 3D modeling myself. It has been 15 years since I have done anything significant in the virtual 3D realm, so this wasn’t totally starting from scratch, but almost.Continue reading “There seems to be a reoccurring cycle”


I keep bouncing my students around/between nature/natural subjects and man-made/mechanical subjects just to push their technique – and for them to figure out what they can do innately and what comes harder for them.  Each student is different in their likes and dislikes. So, this week is buildings and architecture. My choice for my demoContinue reading “Architecture/buildings”

An Animated Course

I’ve been teaching an introduction to animation course each summer for the last ten years to 7th, 8th and 9th graders. The summer program is the Joseph Baldwin Academy, sponsored by Truman State University. It is three intense weeks of learning traditional cell-frame animation, stop-motion photography animation and claymation. I have managed to excite aContinue reading “An Animated Course”

Doing the digital thing again

I’ve been working with digital illustration again. It seems spring semester is when I do digital work for some reason. Fall is for watercolor and spring is digital. Go figure. I am almost done with my stint in academic administration as Department Chair. Can’t wait to get back to more creative endeavors on a consistentContinue reading “Doing the digital thing again”