New Stuff

I haven't posted anything in a while. Been working on speeding up my work and I have become more and more interested in Plein Air painting, as is everyone. Nothing like jumping onto a trend. I'm looking at the long game. Something to do in retirement in a few years. I have seen some benefits …

Time for a change

I have been on a website update kick for myself and a local non-profit for the last month. So now I need to do some new work to post or at least catch up on work I haven't yet posted. This seems to be a vicious circle. Hope you like the new look.


I spent the early summer working on some watercolors in preparation for a faculty exhibition this fall at Truman. Mostly subject matter of locations I have visited recently. Now back to working on digital skills.  

Scenes from abroad

The spring semester is about to begin at Truman Sate and I'm posting a few more of my watercolors from last semester that I neglected to post to my blog. Two are scenes from a trip to Scotland I took a couple of years ago and one from Tokyo, Japan where my oldest daughter lives.


We have moved on to watercolor landscapes in illustration class this week. Landscapes are a bit more challenging than birds and it takes practice to pull them off. Actually, I just tell the students that landscapes are a bitch and they take a lot of practice. They believe me. Here is today's demo, a little …

Demo Bird 2016

Here is this year's illustration class, watercolor demo bird. Fresh off the press this morning. This is an Eastern Bluebird - Missouri State bird.