Images from class

About nine years ago as I was settling in as chair for the art department, I realized I wasn’t getting much done creatively. Other than a few freelance book cover designs, I was not producing at a level I wanted. My gouache technique was too time intensive for the time I had available. Fortunately, muchContinue reading “Images from class”

Something about barns

There’s something about barns that appeals to me. Images of barns have made appearances in several of my illustrations over recent years (Winter’s Grip, Missouri Spring and Honeybun and Momma Midge). These old structures dot the landscape throughout the mid-west. Most are slowly falling into ruin, the result of modern farming practices using tractors. Winter’sContinue reading “Something about barns”

Traveling Team

I found this great photo in my grandmother’s collection of old family photographs. It was an image of a traveling black baseball team that was in Simpson, Kansas playing the local team. My great grandfather was a catcher for that Simpson team and probably is why this photograph was shot. I loved how the wholeContinue reading “Traveling Team”

Big lives

This illustration was a technique demo for my illustration class. I like doing faces for this technique. It typically yields positive results for the students. I found and chose an image of Del Corning, a distant great uncle. I liked his moustache and the photo had strong lighting which helps in this illustration technique. My paternalContinue reading “Big lives”

Put a dog in it

I’ve used dogs as subject matter in many of my illustrations. It wasn’t a deliberate decision, I just noticed that they were showing up frequently. Growing up in rural Kansas, on a farm, dogs were just natural companions. They kept things under control with all the wildlife that came out at night. We raised sheepContinue reading “Put a dog in it”

Sicilian montage

This image was inspired by the trip my wife and I took to Sicily. This sculpture and the architectural elements were at a Catholic church in the city of Modica. The media is gouache in a subtractive, pick out technique.