Winter scenes

A couple of winter scenes of barns along highway 36 in Missouri. Along a familiar route: Watercolor Somewhere along highway 36: Watercolor

A Shadow of Former Glory

My first watercolor for 2019. An old farmhouse in the hills southwest of Delphos, Kansas. The photos below show the house 100 years or so ago and the sad state it is in now.

New Stuff

I haven't posted anything in a while. Been working on speeding up my work and I have become more and more interested in Plein Air painting, as is everyone. Nothing like jumping onto a trend. I'm looking at the long game. Something to do in retirement in a few years. I have seen some benefits …


I spent the early summer working on some watercolors in preparation for a faculty exhibition this fall at Truman. Mostly subject matter of locations I have visited recently. Now back to working on digital skills.  


We have moved on to watercolor landscapes in illustration class this week. Landscapes are a bit more challenging than birds and it takes practice to pull them off. Actually, I just tell the students that landscapes are a bitch and they take a lot of practice. They believe me. Here is today's demo, a little …